In Prezzee Business Wallet, you can view the gift cards that you have purchased using "Purchase Cards".

Important: Not to be confused with gift cards that you have purchased using "Buy & Send". 


View Gift Card In Wallet

To view your gift cards, simply log into Prezzee Business and click Wallet. 


Export As CSV

In Prezzee Business Wallet, you can export gift cards in .CSV format. The .CSV document will include the following information. 

  • Retailer
  • Denomination
  • Card Number
  • Pin (if available)
  • Expiry Date
  • Gift Theme
  • Claim URL (example: https://www.prezzee.com.au/card/---unqiuecode---/view/)

 To export the gifts card, follow the below steps. 

  1. Select the gift cards that you wish to export by clicking the rows (you can select multiple rows by holding down Shift or Command/Control on your keyboard). Selected cards are highlighted. 
  2. Click Export as .CSV
  3. A copy of the .CSV file will be downloaded to your computer

Once the gift card claim URLs have been acquired, you can send the URLs to the recipient for them to claim the gift card. Please see below example of the exported gift card.

SKU Denomination CardNumber Pin Theme OrderNumber URL
Name of the retailer Value of the gift card Card Number Pin number of the card (optional) Gift Card Design The order in which this gift card belongs to The link the recipient use to claim this gift card
Myer 100 627312341234123412 9991 Myer (mygiftcard) 13579 https://www.prezzee.com.au/card/jj12lk3-a977-43f226-958d-nekjh231h23/view/
Prezzee 250 17230328190389012 1234 Prezzee Card (red) 13588 https://www.prezzee.com.au/card/fyyh23h-a977-hk53213-w321-saa78sdad/view/


Purchase Card Delivery Flow


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