In Prezzee Business, you can view the gift cards that have been sent in Gifts.

To filter the information on the page, simply type your keyword in Search. For example, if you want to view claimed gift cards only, simply enter 'claimed' in the search field. 

Delivery Status What does it mean? Can I edit recipient's email address and resend?
Claimed The recipient has received and claimed the gift card into their Prezzee wallet. No
Opened The recipient has received and opened the gift card. No
Delivered The gift email has been successfully delivered. Yes
Rejected The gift email was unable to be delivered. Yes

To sort the columns, simply click on the name of the column. 

You can view the time stamp in which the gift card was sent by clicking the magnifier glass of the gift. 

To resend gift email, follow the below steps.

  1. Click the magnifier glass icon of the gift that you wish to resend
  2. Click Edit & Re-send Gift
  3. Update recipient name and recipient email (if required)
  4. Click Update & Re-send Email

Buy and Send Delivery Flow


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