Gift Card Tracker

In Prezzee Business, you can view the delivery status of your gift cards and resend gift email. The card tracker gives you full visibility and control of the gifts that you have sent.

To view the delivery status of the gift cards that you have sent, go to Gifts. There are 3 delivery status to indicate each step of the delivery process. 

Prezzee has successfully sent the gift email to the recipient's email address. 

Prezzee has received a successfully response from the recipient's email service provider confirming the gift email has been received. 

The recipient has opened and interacted with the gift email.

You can view the time stamp in which the gift card was sent by clicking the magnifier glass of the gift. 


To resend gift email, follow the below steps.

  1. Click the magnifier glass icon of the gift that you wish to resend
  2. Click Edit & Re-send Gift
  3. Update recipient name and recipient email (if required)
  4. Click Update & Re-send Email


Once a gift card has been claimed by the recipient, you cannot resend the gift email

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