Order by CSV

In Prezzee Business, you can send eGift Cards in the way that fits your business processes. With orders by CSV, you can setup your order in a .CSV file and simply upload into Prezzee Business to create an order.

To create a .csv file upload order, simply log into Prezzee Business and click Upload CSV.

Step 1: Download our template CSV file

Click on Download template CSV and a copy of the .CSV will be downloaded onto your computer. Once the file has finished downloading, locate and open the .CSV file.

Step 2: Use the links below to complete the CSV

Please see below structure of the .CSV file. For gift card retailer name, gift card value and greeting card name, it is important to follow the conventions set in the Retailer Names and Greeting Card Names links provided on the page. 

Gift Card retailer name Gift Card Value Recipient's first name Recipient's email address Greeting Card name Greeting Cad message
The name of the retailer, please follow the name convention provided The value of eGift card. Please enter the available denomination per retailer The name of the recipient The email address in recipient The greeting card name, please follow the greeting card name convention provided The message for the recipient  
Myer 100 Peter Johnson peter@example.com Thank You (mid blue) Thank you for all your hard work!
 Prezzee 250 John Matthews john@example.com Well Done (red) A job well done!

Step 3: Select your CSV file

Once you have completed and saved the .CSV file. Click Choose file, located and select the file to upload.

Step 4: Upload your CSV file

Click Submit to upload the information into this order. 


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