Payment Verification

Thank you for your order with Prezzee. At Prezzee, we believe online payment security is super important, we hope you don't mind the extra steps to verify the payment for your order. 

To verify the payment, you will need a 4 digit code beginning with "P". This code can be located in your internet banking portal. For most internet banking portal, you can find the 4 digit code in the transaction history of the credit/debit card that you have used for the transaction.

The transaction description may appear like this: "P1234".


Please see below generic steps to locate the code that apply to most internet banking portals. 

  1. Go to your internet banking portal via website or apps
  2. Sign into the portal using your existing login details
  3. Go to credit card transaction history
  4. Locate the Prezzee transaction and the 4 digit code starting with "P"

If you are unable to provide the code, alternatively we can pre-authorise a small payment (randomly between $0.01 to $0.99), once you can see the pre-authorisation amount in your card history, simply advise the amount and we can verify your payment. The small pre-authorisation payment will be cancelled once the payment has been verified.


Should you wish to verify you order with the small pre-authorisation payment, please contact our support team. 
Phone: 02 9093 2777 (Between 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday excluding public holidays)

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