Receiving Your eGift Card

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Lucky you! 

Receiving an eGift Card is easy and safe with Prezzee.

When you have received a gift email from Prezzee, follow the below steps to view and store the eGift Card on your mobile device or desktop computer.

  1. Locate the gift email and click Open Gift
  2. The gift page will launch, once you have read the message, click Open Gift

If you have received a Prezzee Smart eGift Card, you can swap the eGift Card for a retailer eGift Card of your choice by clicking Swap Now. Alternatively, you can store the eGift Card in your Prezzee Wallet by clicking Store in your Prezzee Wallet.

You do not need to decide the retailer that you wish to swap the Prezzee Smart eGift Card for immediately, but keep in mind there is an expiry date for Prezzee Smart eGift Card. 

If you have received a retailer gift card such as Myer, Woolworth Wish or JB Hi-Fi, you can do any of the following to view your gift card (not in particular order).

  1. Store in your Prezzee Wallet - Store your eGift Card in your Prezzee wallet so that your gift card is alway with you in your secure and easy to find Prezzee wallet. 
  2. View and Print - You can view the card number and pin (optional) of your eGift Card, and should you wish to, you can print the eGift Card out here.
  3. Download PDF - A copy of the eGift Card will be saved to your computer in PDF format. 

eGift Cards should be treated like cash. For more information on signing up a Prezzee account, please see article Sign up a Prezzee Account

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