Order In Review

You have received the "Order in Review" message and email after completing the payment step - do not worry, this is completely normal. 

When your order is in review, our team are triple checking all the information of the order to ensure everything is okay. Once your order has been reviewed, your eGift Card will be delivered into your Prezzee wallet or to the intended recipient and a copy of the tax invoice will also be sent to your email.

In terms of payment, depending on your financial institution, a standard pre-authorisation may appear on your card statement. We will only capture the funds from your card once your order has been completed. 


What is Pre-Authorisation and Capture?

These are two critical steps in a credit card transaction. In short, a pre-authorisation is a a check to see if the customer's credit card is valid and has the sufficient funds to complete the transaction, most commonly this is used when you check into a hotel and a pre-authorisation is obtained by the hotel. A capture is the transfer of funds from customer's account to the merchant's account and this step essentially completes the transaction.


While your order is in review, if you have any questions about the order, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email

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