Why was my order unsuccessful?

Thank you for your order, we are sorry that your order was unsuccessful. 

There could be a number of reasons that resulted in your order being unsuccessful. Please see below some of the most common reasons.

Payment Monitoring System

We believe online payment security is paramount for our customers and Prezzee. All payment transactions on our platform are monitored and sometimes good customers get caught up in our payment monitoring system.

In some cases, due to the payment assessment from our third party payment monitoring provider, we were unable to complete your order. We welcome you to create a new order and try again, however we cannot guarantee a successful outcome for your subsequent orders.

This order may appear as 'In Review' after transaction is attempted. 

We have not charged your credit card and no action is required from you. Depending on your bank, a pending transaction may appear on your card statement however this pending transaction will disappear shortly.


Exceeding Promotion Limit

Prezzee offers special promotions from time to time. Each promotion is governed by a specific set of terms and conditions, for full terms and conditions individual promotions, please click here. If your order exceeds the limits of a promotion, we will be unable to complete your order.

Example: The promotion has a limit of 1 bonus eGift Card per account and the user has tried to purchase multiple promotional eGift Cards. 


You are welcome to contact us regarding unsuccessful orders.



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