Sender Profiles

The new Sender Profiles feature allows you to easily manage and control multiple sender profiles in Prezzee Business. Once sender profiles have been configured, you can select the desired sender profile in the eGift Card ordering process. 

The Sender Profile you have selected will populate the gift email and SMS, maximising your brand exposure and visibility. 



Create a New Sender Profile

To create a new Sender Profile, please follow the below steps. 

  • Creating new Sender Profile

- Select 'Senders' in the dashboard ribbon
- Choose + New Sender Profile button in the top right hand side of the screen
- Enter required fields including Sender Name and Logo image
- Save Sender Profile


Select a Sender Profile in Orders

Once a sender profile has been created, please follow the below step to select a sender profile for an order.

- Start a new order, select your eGift Card and denomination
- In the Greeting Card tab, select the desired Sender Profile
- The logo of the selected Sender profile will be visible in Preview
- Once you are ready, click Next to continue to completing the order. 


Sender Profile in Orders via CSV Uploads

You can also define the Sender Profile when creating an order using a CSV. 

- Download the CSV template
- Use the Sender Profile Names reference
- Copy the Sender Profile name exactly as displayed and paste into CSV


Should you have any further questions around Sender Profiles, please do not hesitate to contact our support team. 






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