Redeeming Your Caltex Card

If you have a 'Star Cash' Caltex Card and would like to redeem it at a Caltex location please follow the below instructions: 

Please select 'open gift' from the email and select 'redeem online' to produce the Caltex QR code, note that this gift card does not have a pin. Simply press enter on the pin pad.

Caltex StarCash Digital cards can only be used at participating locations.To find a participating service station, go to the Caltex Site locator here.

Enter your location and filter by "Star Cash Digital" and search.

If you have already tried redeeming the card at a Caltex and have been refused could you please review the below.

Possible reasons for the Invalid Data Error:

- Service Attendant is using an incorrect scanner
- Customer is at a non-participating site and Service Attendant is not aware of the processes
- System is temporarily offline

If ever this message occurs, customers can either call Caltex Customer Service line on 1300 365 096 or they can request that the Attendant call the System Support line directly. 

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