How to Use Your Caltex Star Cash Digital Card

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Please follow the below instructions to redeem your Caltex card.


Please refer back to the original email you received containing the gift.

Select redeem gift, open the gift and select either ‘redeem’ to view the PDF (TBC) and save it to your phone or open in Prezzee wallet, if you would like to store it to your Prezzee wallet.

Select Redeem to produce the QR Code 



Participating Location

Caltex Star Cash Cards are available to use at participating locations only, if you would like to check if your local Caltex accepts Star Cash, please visit Find A Caltex

Make sure to check the facilities of your Caltex store and ensure it says 'Star Cash Digital Accepted'


If you experience any issues with your Caltex Star Cash card and you are at a participating location, please contact Caltex on their Customer Service line on: 1300 365 096 or request that the Attendant call the System Support line directly.







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