Adding Pre-Paid Credit to a Prezzee Business Account

Prepaid Credit

Prepaid credit can be easily added to your account if you wish to check-out using an alternative method to a credit card or bank transfer. Any member of your organisation using the account can check out with this payment option and the float will never expire. 


How to Add Funds to your Prepaid Float 

Adding funds to your Pre-Paid Float can be done in two ways 1. Select ‘+ Deposit Funds’ from the Home screen on the dashboard or ‘Deposit Funds’ from the Organisation manager (top right hand corner).

  • Type the amount of funds you wish to deposit and add a Purchase Order/Reference number (optional)


  • Click Deposit Funds. Here, your instructions for ‘how to pay’ and your Invoice Number will be generated. Once the amount has been paid, notification will be sent confirming the float top up.


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