Sending a Co-branded eGift Card

What is a cobranded card?

Creating a Prezzee Business account means that you can send the recipient an eGift card displaying your company logo with a cobranded card. 

Like the Prezzee Smart eGift card, your recipient can use the cobranded card to exchange for any of our 100+ retailers on the Prezzee platform.

With a Cobranded card, you can specify which retailers you would like your recipient to exchange the card for, or exclude any brands that you do not want the card to be swapped for. 

The Prezzee end-to-end solution means every eGift Card you send is 100% customised to your business needs, perfect for corporate gifts.


 A confirmation email will land in your inbox to confirm the order details and an invoice will be attached.

 Your recipient will receive an email with the company name in the subject line, this helps separate your gift from the rest of the emails in your recipient's inbox.

Above your personalised gift message will be the company logo and below, your cobranded card.

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