Uploading Recipient Information via CSV

How to upload your recipient information in bulk via CSV  

Uploading your recipient contact information via a CSV is the smoothest way to order eGift cards in bulk.

We provide you with an easy to use template which you can download, fill out and then upload to the portal.

First click on ‘’Upload CSV’’ on the homepage of your Prezzee Business account, then follow these steps below:


Step 1. Downloading the CSV template 


Step 2. 'Use the links below to complete the CSV'

This will assist you with the required naming conventions of the 'Retailer Name', 'Greeting Card Names' and 'Sender Profile Name' to enter into the CSV so our systems will correctly read the information. 

Make sure there are no unnecessary spaces
No special characters i.e. *&^%$ in the cell 
The email and contact number are correct
The greeting card name is correct

 See below an example of a completed CSV file


If you have a Co-branded card set up, you would enter the name of your card in column A.

You can also leave column E blank if you do not wish to send your eGift cards via SMS.

Step 3. Select your completed CSV

Step 4. Submit

Once uploaded you will be in your shopping basket and then you can proceed to payment, select your payment method and then check out!

If you are having any issues with your CSV file, please contact us on:

Email: corporate@prezzee.com.au Telephone: +612 9093-2777


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