Gift Tracker


The Gift tracker is the best way to track all of the eGift cards you have sent through the Prezzee portal. 

On the home screen, click on ‘’Gift Tracker’’ this will then take you to the page that shows you all of the eGift cards you have sent via email and SMS.

Filtering by 'Status' will allow you to check the cards that are Delivered, Delivering, Opened, Failed and Bounced. 


On the top right you can also search each email address, and then click on ‘’View’’ which will show the details of the Gift you have sent.

Once you have clicked 'view' you will be able to see if the card has been opened.

You can also edit and resend the card and also re-send via SMS if this was the option you chose when first sending out your eGift cards. See below:

Below are the gift details:


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