Payment Methods for Business

There are 3 options to pay at the checkout on the Prezzee Business dashboard. Options include Credit Card, Bank Transfer or using Prepaid funds.Manage your invoices by adding a Billing Contact in 'My Organisation' (icon at top right hand corner next to organisation name). Each invoice will automatically be sent to  the billing contact, such as the organisation finance team.
Toggle between the tabs at the top 'Bank Transfer, Credit Card, $ Prepaid' to change payment method
  • Credit Card - Gift cards are instantly delivered on authorisation of the card. If you prefer to use different cards for each order, Prezzee Business can accept a different corporate card upon each order
  • Bank Transfer - Click ‘Pay AUD $(amount) via bank transfer’. An invoice with direct deposit details will be sent to you via email.
Your order summary page will have the ‘Awaiting Payment’ Status. This will change once payment has been approved and status will now say ‘received’
IMPORTANT: Processing times are 2-3 Business days and 3-5 Business days (Internationally) for funds to be received.
If you wish to send the cards at a later date, but pay now, uncheck 'Deliver ASAP'. You can send the cards when you are ready by searching for the order number in 'Orders' in the banner at the top and selecting 'send now' within the order
Under Review - Our team may be required to review your order, you will be notified once the review process has been completed.
Change Payment Method
Payment method can be changed if you have submitted an order for bank transfer payment and have yet to make the bank transfer via your bank or financial institution. Simply locate the order in Orders and click Cancel transfer. Once bank transfer has been cancelled in Orders, the order will return to draft status. Once all the cards of an order have been delivered, the status of the order will change to Completed. A copy of the invoice will sent to you, or to download a copy, click Download Invoice in Orders.
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