How to print an eGift Card

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Please ensure you read through the “How to use” section of your eGift Card before printing to make sure you have all the information you need to redeem your eGift Card
If you wish to print your Prezzee digital gift card, please follow the steps below:
  1. Locate your gift email and click Open Gift
  2. Under the ‘How to redeem’ section of your eGift Card page, click ‘Download as PDF’, open the PDF and then print. NOTE: Some eGift Cards have the option to download to PDF (and print) by clicking the ‘Redeem now’ button on your gift card page - please check both options.
  3. Alternatively you can print your eGift Card from your browser by clicking ‘file’ and ‘print’. NOTE: Make sure the barcode and all key information are viewable in the print preview. 
Be aware that some eGift Cards may appear different when printed than others. Selected eGift Cards or eVouchers may not have a card number, voucher number or pin.

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