Our Complaints Policy

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We believe our customers have the right to transparent and fair treatment in all cases. In the event that our customers have a complaint, we want to know about it so that we can resolve it as soon as possible and understand what went wrong. Prezzee is committed to providing a simple, efficient and accessible complaint management process. 



We value all feedback, including complaints. We want to ensure that we take steps to rectify anything that may have gone wrong and we want to ensure we are taking all steps to ensure it doesn’t happen again. 

This document sets out our principles and process for handling complaints we receive about our products and services. 



Prezzee defines a complaint as an expression of dissatisfaction about our services, people, or the handling of a complaint where a resolution is expected or legally required.



Customer focused

We are committed to seeking and receiving feedback about our products and services and ensuring complainants' views are heard and considered in a meaningful way. 


Accessible and visible

We will provide our complaints policy on our website and publish information on how complaints can be made via a number of channels.

We will support and help people who would like to raise a complaint. We offer a number of ways to make a complaint.

We do not charge a fee for making a complaint.



We will acknowledge complaints promptly and aim to resolve them at first contact, where possible.

We will set expectations upfront on the expected resolution time and inform complainants promptly where we think there may be a delay.


Objective and fair

We will handle all complaints in an objective and unbiased manner. 

We will ensure that the person handling a complaint is different from any team member whose conduct is being complained about. 

We will assess each complaint on its merits and involve people making complaints and/or their representative(s) in the process.


Communicate and resolve

We will provide contact details to allow customers to follow up on their complaint and will communicate each step of the way.

We will provide a clear explanation and determine an appropriate remedy that is fair and reasonable to our customers and Prezzee.


Accountability and learning

We clearly define roles and all team members are responsible for their part of the complaint management process. We monitor and report on all complaints and use this information to review and improve our performance, service and processes. 

Our people undertake regular training on the importance of feedback to Prezzee and our complaint handling policy.

We undertake reviews and audits of the complaint management system to assess adherence to this policy and overall effectiveness and are committed to implementing appropriate changes arising out of our reviews.

Find out how to make a complaint here.

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