I Received a Gift Card - What Do I Do Next?

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Lucky you! Follow these steps to claim and start using your Prezzee gift card! 

  1. Locate the gift email and click Unwrap your gift - remember to take note of the 4-digit PIN, you'll need it to unlock your gift!
  2. The gift page will launch, enter the 4-digit PIN to unlock your Gift Card.
  3. Sign in or create a Prezzee account to save your Gift Card.

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Once you have signed in or logged in to your new Prezzee account, your Gift Card will be in your Prezzee Wallet, ready to use or swap to a Brand of your choice. 

You can use your gift card from the Prezzee App/Wallet, or you can print to use! See How to print an eGift Card.

If you have received a Prezzee Smart Gift Card, you can swap the Gift Card for a retailer Gift Card of your choice by clicking Swap Now. See more about How to Swap your Prezzee Smart eGift Card. 

If you have received a Prezzee Plus Gift Card, you can either keep the Gift Card by clicking Keep It or Swap it for a different retailer Gift Card is available by clicking Swap Now.

Gift Cards should be treated like cash. For more information on signing up for a Prezzee account, please see the article Sign up a Prezzee Account

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