How do I recognise a fake email?

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Just because an email looks real, doesn't mean it’s actually legitimate. Here are some signs to watch out for:

  • Includes trusted logos (such as the Prezzee logo) and a fake trusted address in the "From" line (for example, "From:")
  • Asks you to reply to the message with complete confidential information. Prezzee Customer Care will only ever ask you for partial information, such as the last 8 digits of an eGift Card number)
  • Uses urgent and threatening language and instructs you to update your information or risk account suspension.
  • Includes unexpected attachments that they request you to click, open, or download. 
  • Has a generic greeting like "Attention Prezzee customer".

To report a fake email that looks like it came from Prezzee, please forward it as an attachment to

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