How to Swap your Prezzee Smart eGift Card

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The Prezzee Smart eGift Card (or the Co-branded Smart eGift Card) allows the recipient to swap their Prezzee Smart eGift Card to one retailer for or up to 5 retailer eGift cards at a time. on our platform of their choice!

Receiving a Prezzee Smart eGift Card

If you’d like to swap your Prezzee Smart eGift Card right away you can do so from your Prezzee Order Email if you purchased for yourself or your Gift Email if someone sent it to you. Open the email and click on View my eGift Card

If you’d like to use your Prezzee Smart eGift Card at a later date you can store it to your Prezzee Wallet, which is located at the top right-hand corner of your browser once you’re signed into Prezzee or the bottom centre of your Prezzee app. This will make it easier to find than searching in your inbox. 

You can keep your Prezzee Smart eGift Card in your Prezzee Wallet for up to three years from the purchase date before it will expire. If you’re ready to swap your eGift card, select Swap now

Choose a retailer card and the amount you’d like to swap. 

The remaining amount left to exchange will reflect the amount left after each time you choose a retailer eGift Card and denomination. 

Your cards will be listed at the top of the page and are now ready to swap! 

Make sure you’re certain of the retailers you’d like to swap your Prezzee Smart eGift Card for, as once you’ve swapped all or part of your Smart eGift card value it cannot be exchanged for another retailer later on if you change your mind.

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