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Welcome to the template guide. In this guide, we'll show you how to upload and use your template so that you can easily mass upload your recipient's details. 

In the latest version of our template guide, we’ve made things even simpler so you can save time and get straight to the good part (the gifting!).

Let’s start.

  1. Get your template

You’ll be prompted to download the latest version of the template when you see the below screen. Alternatively, get your latest template here


  1. See the example in your new template

In the latest version of the template, there are 5 fields. 

The template will automatically appear populated with an example. Your example will show you mock details about recipients named Clara & Samuel and these examples should help you understand exactly how to fill out the template. Once you’ve seen and understood the example, remove the sample details.

  1. Fill out with your recipient details

Now it’s time to fill out your template. Here are the details about what you need to add to your template: 

  1. Recipient's email address
    Enter the recipient’s email address and ensure the email address format is valid.
  1. Recipient’s name
    Enter the first name of the recipient of the gift.
  1. Recipient’s phone number (optional)
    Enter the recipient’s mobile phone number if you’d like to send an SMS confirmation of their gift to them (at an extra cost). Leave the column blank if you do not wish to send the SMS. 
  1. Notes (optional)
    Add any internal references here. The note is only visible to your business (your recipients can’t see it) and is commonly used for invoicing purposes. 
  1. Gift Card Value
    Enter a valid gift card denomination. Remember that different gift cards have different denominations so you should check this before submitting your template.

4. Upload your template and address any errors

Now it’s time to upload your template. Once you’ve saved your new template, follow the prompts to upload it.

If your template has any errors, you’ll be notified here. Fix the errors and resubmit your template until you see the green tick.

5. Proceed to magic!

Once your template has been successfully uploaded, click the continue button and proceed to the next step. Happy gifting!

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