Add Your Company Logo on a Prezzee Smart eGift Card - Co Branding

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Can I put my company logo on an eGift card?

Yes! We can customise your card and make a 'co-branded' card with your logo or image of your choice. Once created, we added your co-branded card to your business portal, ready for you to order.

The co-branded card is swappable for all retailers, or can be restricted to the list you provide. Email your account manager or & one of the team will get in touch to assist.


Can I have custom amounts for the co-branded card?

You can have any amount from $5 - $4,995 in increments of $5. Most retailers offer their eGift cards in increments of $5.00 so once the recipient decides to swap their eGift card - they will only be able to choose the available retailers eGift card values.


How much does it cost to co-brand a card?

This service is absolutely FREE!


Can I co-brand one particular retailer card?

No, we are only able to co-brand the Prezzee Smart e-Gift Card, which will allow the recipient to swap for all retailers, or as little as 2 retailers of your choice.


Where do I find my co-branded card?

Once our Prezzee Business Team (your account manager) has created your co-branded card it will automatically appear as an available gift card option for you to purchase on the Prezzee Business portal.


How do I send my co-branded card?

To send the co-branded card, you simply select the card in step 1 of Buy & Send, or copy and paste the card name into the CSV file for Bulk Send orders


What is the size of the co-branded card?

The co branded card size is 452w x 247h px. If you would like to supply a graphic or image kindly send this in a hi-res format to your account manager. 

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