Creating a Sender Profile in the Prezzee Business Portal

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What is a Sender Profile?

This is the sender details so the recipient knows who sent the gift "You have received a gift from business name". The Prezzee Business portal will automatically add in the sender as the business name, however you can add multiple i.e. Prezzee HR, Prezzee Sales, CEO name, or Team Leader name. 


Where does the sender profile logo appear?

At the top of the e-Gift Card email - and will follow along the swap journey if the recipient has received a Smart eGift card. 


How do I upload my Sender Profile Logo?

Upload your Sender Logo via your prezzee portal. Simply click on Sender Profile in the navigation bar at the top, click on the edit pen, upload your logo and submit.


What size and format does the logo need to be?

PNG, 100x100 to 512x512 Pixels.


How can I get help if I can't upload my logo?

You can also contact your Account Manager or email 


What if I don't want to upload my logo?

The sender profile logo will default to our Prezzee Red Logo if you do not upload you company logo. 

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