Multiple Account Users/User Management on Prezzee Business

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How many users can be added to my account?

There is no limit on how many people in the organisation that can be added to the Prezzee Business account. 


How do I add team members into my Prezzee Business account?

You can invite a team member by clicking on the Team function in your account top right corner.


How many Prezzee Business accounts can my business have?

Your business can have multiple accounts with Prezzee Business and multiple users within each account. 


What are the 3 types of access levels when inviting a team member?

Admin can place orders, change billing and org information and invite other team members + have view on all orders and invoices. 
User can place orders and invite other team members + view orders and invoices.
Viewer can view the orders + invoices.


Can I update my email on the account?

You will need to email to update your account details.


Can I update my password?

Yes you can easily reset your password, simply visit


I already have a personal account, can I use that one? 

You can use a personal account to order cards, however you also easily upgrade and link it to a business account for FREE, simply visit . The business account has many added advantages.


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