Billing, Payment Methods and Fees for Prezzee Business

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Payment Methods - Australia

What are the payment methods available?

Credit Card (VISA, MasterCard, and AMEX)

Bank Transfer

Pre-Paid Float (Account Top Up)


Are there any transaction or delivery fees?

No, all Credit Card payments incur a 1.15% Merchant Fee in Australia. 


Can I send my Gift Card links out straight away?

Yes, if you pay via Credit Card or if you have funds in your Pre-Paid float, then you can issue cards instantly.


How do I deposit funds into my account? 

On the Prezzee Business homepage, click 'Deposit Funds', nominate an amount you would like to transfer, add a reference note (optional), and click Deposit Funds.


Where can I schedule a delivery?

Before you process your payment at the checkout, you can either Deliver Instantly (for credit card or top-up payments) or schedule for a future date and time. If you pay via bank transfer, you will need to allow 2-3 business days for funds to clear before sending your gift cards.


Can I use different payment types (split payment)?

You can only check out with one payment type, however, you can use a credit card, pre-paid float, or a bank transfer.


Can I top up and deposit funds with a credit card?

Your pre-paid float has to be paid via bank transfer, the system will generate an invoice for you to give to your accounts team. 


Can I have a post-paid account?

We do not offer post-paid options, as eGift cards are treated like cash, Prezzee requires the funds to be received before sending the Gift cards. 


Can I save my credit card details?

No, Prezzee does not save credit card details. However, you can deposit funds into your account to save time putting in a credit card each time.


Billing - Australia

Can I add a reference number when I pay?

You can add a reference number/phrase or Purchase Order number upon checkout. You can also add a reference when topping up the account with a pre-paid float.


Can I pay for my order using multiple credit cards?

You cannot pay for a single order using multiple credit cards


Can you email invoices directly to my email?

Yes, all invoices are automatically emailed to the person placing the order. You can also nominate a Billing contact where a copy of every invoice can be sent. This can be set under billing options in your organization settings. You can also view and download invoices from the 'Invoices' tab on the navigation bar at the top of the Prezzee Business portal. 


Fees and Charges - Australia

What does it Cost to set up my account?

Prezzee Business is absolutely free to use. We do not charge any account fees to have a Prezzee Business account. 


Are there any ongoing fees/costs?

Prezzee Business only charges a 1.15% surcharge for using a credit card, this can be avoided by checking out with a bank transfer or topping up with pre-paid credit. Both of these payment options generate an invoice for your accounts team to pay.


Does it cost anything to send Gift Cards via email?

No, sending Gift cards via email is free.


Does it cost anything to send Gift Cards via SMS?

Yes, sending Gift cards via SMS is $0.55 per text however this is optional.


Are there any other costs to send Gift Cards?

There is a 1.15% Merchant Fee when paying for your order via Credit Card.


Is there an additional fee for using American Express?

No, all Credit Card payments incur a 1.15% Merchant Fee.


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