Sending a Prezzee Smart eGift Card via Prezzee Business

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What is the Prezzee Smart Card?

The Prezzee Smart eGift Card is the ultimate e-Gift card that allows your recipient to swap it into one or more gift cards to any of our available retailers. You can see our current list of retailers at our store listing here


How many retailers can the Smart e-Gift Card be swapped for?

There is no limit on how many cards you can redeem your Smart card, however you can only redeem for up to 5 retailers in one transaction, and you simply repeat the process if you still have a balance on your smart card. 


Where can I use a Prezzee Gift Card?

Your Prezzee Smart card can be used across any of our 180+ Retailers AUS wide. check out our store The list of retailers may change based on the value of the smart card you receive as not all brands offer gift cards in every denomination


In which countries can i use my Prezzee Smart card?

The Prezzee Smart card can only be used in the region & currency it was provided in. Redemption will not work across currencies.


Can I use my Prezzee Business account to buy cards in other currencies?

To purchase cards in other regions apart from the region you are already registered, you will need to re-register for new accounts in each region. 

Register to purchase USD eGift cards US Prezzee Business Registration

Register to purchase GPB eGift cards United Kingdom Prezzee Business Registration 

Register to purchase NZD eGift cards New Zealand Prezzee Business Registration

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