Prezzee Business Introduction and Account Set Up

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What is Prezzee Business used for?

Prezzee Business is used for so many gifting reasons, these may be for HR recognition, Customer rewards and Marketing Campaigns. Whatever is suited to your business gifting needs.   


What is Prezzee Business?

Prezzee Business is the one portal you will need to send one or many eGift cards in bulk from your business to your recipients. 


How is Prezzee Business different to a normal Prezzee account?

Prezzee Business offers a lot of added functionality for FREE. You can BULK Buy gifts in a single transaction, view order history and track gift cards in real-time. You can also speak to our team and set-up a co-branded card.


How do I get set up?

To get set up, simply register via for instant approval and account creation.


Can I use my Australian Prezzee Business account to buy cards in other currencies?

To purchase cards in other regions apart from the region you are already registered, you will need to re-register for new accounts in each region. 

Register to purchase USD eGift cards US Prezzee Business Registration

Register to purchase GPB eGift cards United Kingdom Prezzee Business Registration 

Register to purchase NZD eGift cards New Zealand Prezzee Business Registration


I already have a personal account, can I use that one?

Prezzee Business account is required to send multiple e-Gift cards which cannot be done via your Personal Prezzee Account.


Can I cancel my account?

If you would like to cancel your account, please contact

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