Uploading Recipient Information via CSV

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How to upload a bulk recipient list with different messaging, different eGift card types and different greeting card




You can upload a bulk order by clicking 'Upload CSV' on the Prezzee Business Dashboard homepage.

1. Download our template

Fill in the information in the respective columns:

2. Column A. Add in the eGift card name you wish to send in the first column - (see step 2 to view our list of retailers, copy the name exactly how it is shown in the list)

3. Column B. Add recipient name

4. Column C. Add value i.e. $25 is numeric only '25' 

5. Column D. Recipient email 

6. Column E. Recipient phone number - optional (additional 50c, please leave column blank but do not delete out if you do not wish to send via SMS) 

7. Column F. Greeting card (see step 2 to view our list of greeting cards, copy the name exactly how it is shown in the list)

8. Column G. Add your gift message (this can be up to 1000 characters)

9. Column H. Sender profile - this should be your business name as it appears in the account, or you may have added a new Sender Profile from the Sender Profile section in the nav bar at the top of the dashboard. 

10. Save file as CSV 

11. Upload file (as shown in step 4. of the image below)

12. Proceed to checkout! 








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