How to Purchase Cards in the new Checkout Experience

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As part of our new checkout experience, we have made purchasing eGift Cards easier! Follow these simple steps:


  1. From your dashboard, click on Start Order then Buy eGift Card Links Only - this will allow you to purchase the eGift cards (in the form of URL links or PDF files) in bulk and then you can send it out yourself!
  2. Select an eGift Card. You will be able to browse through our range of Prezzee Smart and retailer eGift Cards. You are now able to read about each eGift Card and have more information before you select
  3. Select the value of the eGift Card you want, and then select the quantity.
  4. Click Add to Order. You should see your order cart update with the gifts you just added.
  5. Review your order and pay!
  6. You will be able to export your eGift Card URL links or PDF files via the Export button in the Order Details page. This link to download will be sent to your email address.
  7. Now you can send out these URL links or PDF files to whoever you want, any time you want!

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