How to Buy and Send in the new Prezzee Business Checkout

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In this guide, we'll show you how to quickly and easily buy and send eGift Cards via Prezzee Business.

Here is a video from us that also demonstrates how to do so. 

When starting  a new order, make sure the “Buy & Send eGift Cards Via Prezzee” option is selected, and then click the “Start” button.



Adding recipients to your order

In your order, you can add recipients to send your eGift card/s too. Simply enter the details of  each recipient in a separate row in the table.

You can add as many recipients as you like by clicking “Add Recipients”.

An easy way to add multiple recipients is to use our bulk upload feature. Click here to find out more.



Choosing an eGift Card for your recipient

Once you have entered your recipient’s details, the next step is to choose an eGift Card (under “eGift / Value”).



You will be able to browse our range of Prezzee Smart, Branded and Retailer eGift Cards. 

 Selecting each eGift Card will show more information. Once selected, you can choose the value of your eGift card.


Customising the Gift Email for your recipient

The next step is to customise your gift email for your recipient. This is what they see in their emails when they receive your gift. 


You’ll need to choose the following in order to finish customising the gift email:

  • Your sender profile - this is the logo on that appears on the top of the gift email
  • Design - the greeting card image that will be displayed in the gift email
  • Greeting message - the content that will be displayed below the greeting card image (limit of 1000 characters)


Below is what it will look like when all the required details are selected and filled out.


You can also now upload a personalised video message to your eGift card! Simply drag and drop the video onto the screen after selecting “Add a video message”.

 Note: Videos must be under 300MB in size and in the supported formats: MP4/MPEG4, MPG, MOV, AVI, FLV, MKV, WMV, WEBM.

 You can also preview and send yourself a test gift email so you can see how your gifts look when your recipients open them.

Customising gifts for multiple recipients

You can customise your gifts for multiple or all your recipients by selecting the checkboxes to the left of their names on the table.




Once done, you can select any box under “eGift/Value” or “Email” to make changes to the eGift Card or gift email for all the selected recipients. 


Note: Making changes will apply the change to all selected recipients and will override any existing selections made to the eGift Cards and gift emails.


When you have finished customising your gift email and all fields are complete, select “Continue” to complete your delivery details.



Completing Delivery details for your order

Here you can select when you want your eGifts delivered to your recipients.



Emails are the default way in which your gifts will be sent to recipients. We also provide an option for SMS delivery to your recipients’ mobile number However, extra charges apply.

You can choose “Deliver now” and we will send your gifts instantly. This is the option that is selected by default.

Alternatively, you can choose “Schedule Delivery”selecting a date and time (up to 120 days in the future) for your eGifts to be sent.


You can customise the email subject line that will be sent with your eGift. Personalising the message will make it even more special! Select “Customise” in order to do so.


When you have finished choosing your delivery options, click “Continue” to review and pay for your order.


We hope this guide will be useful to you and your business! 


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